Women’s economic empowerment – Kenya Curriculum Development and building a process for Economic Development

Watching your child take their first steps is a gratifying experience to say the least. It is an inspiring, hopeful, proud moment for many parents and if you’re not a parent think puppies, nieces, or even that first homerun of a friend.

The parallel in the NGO world is seeing a program start to take shape.

For Edge of Seven, the work done in Kenya in 2014, 2015 and now in 2016 and 2017 is that same step in the right direction. With the building of a school rainwater harvesting system that feeds a school-garden program in 2014 and the building of a Women’s Resource Center in 2015 and 2016, Edge of Seven has some strong foundational elements in place to support a women’s group in Naro Moru.

But what next? Through the generous efforts of the Posner Center and the Western Union Foundation, work is being done now to build and refine curriculum for women’s entrepreneurial training to install in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Working with critical partners in the Posner Center in Denver, and connecting to local staff and volunteers and communities on the ground the group (Africa Development Promise, Edge of Seven and Into Your Hands Africa) are building a curricular framework and execution plan for how to implement these trainings in a sustainable way in various parts of Africa.

While the “behind-the-scenes” process of writing and refining curriculum, and developing execution strategies isn’t very exciting, it is like those first steps a child makes that signal bigger things to come in the future.

Rigorous testing with women’s groups on the ground, and refinements, along with expert curriculum designers based in Africa who are cognizant of all the social, cultural, and economic realities that face women and women’s groups is critical to our success.

This work happens because of what you are doing to support Edge of Seven. We are successful because of how you help, support, coach and mentor our work. Thank you.

Edge of Seven is currently also approaching a variety of organizations to implement this work and make these dreams become realities. And that’s when we will be learning to jog, run and sprint. Attached below please see the link to the curriculum. We look forward to your ongoing support and encouragement.

2017 Curriculum – WETP-122216-D3.1