International Women’s Day 2017

Today we celebrate the enduring strength of women all around the world … and recommit ourselves to fighting even harder for girls’ education and women’s empowerment. On this International Women’s Day, we recognize the incredible value that women of all backgrounds add to every socio-economic system around the world — while receiving lower wages, experiencing greater inequities, discrimination, harassment, and economic insecurity.

Edge of Seven is continually dedicating itself to the women who work with us on projects in Nepal, Rwanda, Kenya and (later this year) Uganda. In each rural community where we work we find that the backbone of the community is through the strong women who are there working hard for their families every single day. Like them Edge of Seven is working hard every day this year and celebrating their work, to ensure that stronger, more educated women and girls, build stronger families. Those families build stronger villages and communities and those communities start to develop districts, townships, regions, states and ultimately change the face of countries.

Will you support all the strong women within Edge of Seven partners, community organizations and villages where our work is done? To us, every day is International Women’s Day and we strive to build schools — focusing on girls’ access and attendance to that school. We build women’s resource centers — focusing on how that building can become a conduit to adult education to increase economic empowerment. We build water and sanitation infrastructure — focusing on how it breaks down barriers for girls to go to, and stay in, school.

Our programs in 2017 are dependent on your generosity to succeed in our countries and with the women who ultimately make our programs a success. Please donate today on our Crowdrise page celebrating our 7th Year Anniversary of Edge of Seven. Thank you for all your support.

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