Projects Impacting 22,500 People in Nepal and East Africa

Since our beginnings in 2010, we have completed 24 projects in Nepal and East Africa in collaboration with local communities and NGOs.

Jarang Primary School, Gorkha District, Nepal – 2010

at new building with great excitment

The Jarang Primary School serves 60 students annually in this remote village of Nepal’s Gorkha District.









Solukhumbu Girls’ Hostel, Solukhumbu District, Nepal – 2011 & 2015

early in the morning

The Solukhumbu Girls’ Hostel houses 40 girls from remote villages who are attending higher secondary school (Grades 11 and 12) in the Solukhumbu District Capital of Salleri.

Phuleli Secondary School, Solukhumbu District, Nepal – 2011

Building Complete 01

The Phuleli Secondary School serves 80 students annually in Grades 7 and 8. Before the school was built, students in these grades were forced to commute to a village two hours away, to the closest secondary school, which resulted in many families keeping their daughters home from school.











Purdu Community Water Supply, Solukhumbu District, Nepal – 2011

Girls are very happy with water project

The Purdu Water Supply provides 8 community taps to this remote village where girls were previously staying home from school so they could walk two hours each way to the nearest water source to collect water for their households.











Basa Higher Secondary School, Solukhumbu District, Nepal – 2012 & 2013

Basa School Final Touches

This eight-room higher secondary school provides access to Grades 11 and 12 for students in this remote region of the Solukhumbu District, who previously were faced with a 10-hour commute to the nearest higher secondary school in the district capital of Salleri.










Kaku Secondary School, Solukhumbu District, Nepal – 2014

Front Side of Kaku School

The Kaku Secondary school is part of a larger campus serving 539 lower caste students, half of which are girls, in this remote village in Nepal.









Khamburaini & Gitinga School Water Supplies, Naro Moru, Kenya – 2014

Finished Khamburaini

The water supplies at the Khamburaini and Gitinga Primary Schools in Naro Moru, Kenya provide drinking water for the students, as well as irrigation for school gardens used to feed students during the day.










Solukhumbu Girls’ University Hostel, Salleri, Nepal – 2014 & 2015

Blog Image Dorm

This dormitory (completed in 2015) serves 20 girls in the Solukhumbu (Everest) Region pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.








Women’s Resource Center, Naro Moru, Kenya – 2015-2016

Serving 45 women (along with another 250 in the community indirectly) in the small village of Naro Moru, the resource center will be the new hub of their economic development.

Post earthquake temporary school buildings (7) – 2015-2016

Edge of Seven and partners worked in 7 communities to build temporary school buildings post-earthquake to ensure that students had a place to study during the immediate effects of the earthquake.

School Buildings in communities – 2016-2017

Edge of Seven and partners built six classrooms in the Solukhumbu focusing on high-need locations serving more than 200 children directly at each location and indirectly over 500 people at each location through the multiple use of school buildings in the area.

Computer Classroom Salleri – 2016-2017

Working with Canadian donor Monde Par La Main, Edge of Seven installed a computer classroom at the dormitory for girls in Salleri. The classroom has not only computers, but instruction for the young women who are completing their ‘plus 2’ or their university program.

Women’s Resource Center – Rwanda – 2016

Working alongside Africa Development Promise, Eo7 funded a women’s resource center in Rwanda an hour south of Kigali. The women’s coop grows peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables and sells to local restaurants and hotels. They use the building for training, office, and warehousing their produce.

Women’s Resource Center – Uganda – 2017

Partnering with Africa Development Promise, Eo7 was a key supporter of a women’s resource center in Uganda for a women’s coop working on their mushroom growing business.

Women’s Economic Development programs – Kenya, Uganda – 2015-2017

Edge of Seven worked on developing economic development materials, curriculum and programs in partnership with the Posner Center, Western Union and other NGO’s. This is the foundation for greater development across East Africa and into South Asia.