Transfer Power Giving power away to those who matter

2 Transfer Power: Push power to others. Give it away. Reinforce. Take it back only when necessary. Repeat. Empowered partners, individuals, volunteers and/or employees, create communities (of all types) that BELIEVE that they can accomplish more and have the understanding that it is for them to do in the future.

Outputs: We give decision making power to the communities we work with. By working with community-based organizations and implementing partners we consult and coach but ultimately use the community as the sounding board and the deciding body on what will be done. This is transferring power from the funding organization TO the community.

Outcomes: Communities and individuals who have been given the responsibility of working out their own maintenance, repair and replacement of infrastructure better understand the importance of sustainability, civil society structures, and the planning and community buy-in needed to get things accomplished.

Impacts: More development work gets done because community leaders have been trusted and counted on to develop themselves for the benefit of the community. Transferring power is risky, yes, but when we combine it with “Learn” and with “Capacity Building” we create higher community-based leadership and utilization of community resources which helps empowerment, ownership and sustainability emerge from our development work.