Leverage Bring more people into the project

4 Leverage: Bring more people to the party on all fronts. Partnership+, because it isn’t about having a partner, it’s about utilizing more partners and more funders on all fronts to create more impact. What emerges from leverage is collective impact. By putting ourselves in this “together” with others we begin to see, act and feel how ‘mutually reinforcing activities’ lift up ALL our work. The same principle is at work at the Posner Center for International Development where organizations work in collaboration. Every dollar goes farther and every effort brings more benefit. We bring in partners, funders, and others to help us along the way.

Outputs: We know that the Edge of Seven model is not one of doing direct work. Therefore our partners and who we bring to the table (leverage is crucial). Our output is in the selection process of evaluation, decision, and planning. We work with implementing partners, community-based partners, funders, sponsors, volunteers, interns and a wide variety of people who help make us successful. This is the Edge of Seven family.

Outcomes: Bringing multiple, diverse partners into projects is how we ensure that we can work into the future. We don’t want to put all our eggs into one basket. This purpose, intent, and action of leveraging more funders, implementers, and advisors creates an outcome much like diversity in an eco-system which can respond more tenaciously when challenges occur.

Impacts: On the larger scale of impact to our organization and to our communities in which we work, the emergent properties of diversity borne of leveraging creates synergy, high value outcomes and the replication of this principle such that we see more leveraging happening within the projects themselves as they see the value inherent in Leverage.