Collaborate Work Together. Not Apart.

6 Collaborate: Work together. Not apart. By working in groups, we also demonstrate how to share leadership and work which creates an emerging property of ownership and empowerment in the groups/people we work with. We don’t “give empowerment” we demonstrate it in how we work together. Our organization, employees, volunteers, partners and our communities have successful collaborations that can transfer into the future and across projects.

Outputs: Working collaboratively is more than just working in a group. It is an effort toward inclusion in a large, diverse group. If our principle of “Leverage” is about bringing many partners to the table, the idea of “Collaborate” is truly HOW that group works together. We facilitate, coach, consult, educate, and inform in every situation. With out interns. Yes. With communities in rural Rwanda. Yes. With a community group in Naro Moru, Kenya. Yes. How can we work together — co-labor.

Outcomes: When we are collaborating, we properties of ownership and collective impact emerge. Collaborating generates a necessary essence of respect, honor and understanding between the members. These outcomes build the idea that ownership is present and growing. Collaborating also yields lower effort per individual as the work is shared and distributed rather than focused on certain individuals.

Impacts: And the larger scale impacts of working collaboratively and growing ownership is that projects, people and lives are improving and that things CAN improve. This aspect of hope springs not from one-person doing a great thing, but a team, a group, a community, or a family taking on challenge together. It creates a strength of resolve and purpose that can be applied into future challenges.