Our Approach Collaborative Global Initiatives.

Edge of Seven Principles Principles create outcomes for development

Our goal is to create access to education and empowerment for girls, women, and rural communities across the globe. We believe in, act on, and measure against the seven principles and outcomes that we know are important and yield results. When we find that our results don’t measure up, we re-evaluate and amend our work plans.


Why Girls Girls as Global Changemakers.

We believe that girls have the power to change our world.


Why Women Strong Women Across the Globe.

Women are the backbones of societies and communities across the globe. In developing countries, women are often expected to perform all of the household duties, all of the child rearing duties, and all of the agricultural duties, while remaining powerless in their community or family.


Why Education learning and knowledge unlock potential

In a recent article on Human Rights Watch, we saw this item:

The benefits of education to both children and broader society could not be clearer. Education can break generational cycles of poverty by enabling children to gain the life skills and knowledge needed to cope with today’s challenges. READ MORE

Why Rural Marginalized Communities Living on the Edge.

More than half of the populations of developing countries live in rural communities, as do the majority of people living in extreme poverty on less than $1.25 per day. This is truly the edge.


Where We Work Our Global Vision

Currently, we work in Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, dedicated to infrastructure and programs which develop the ability for girls and women to succeed through education, training or other opportunities. We like to make the distinction that our “output” are school buildings, classrooms, water supplies, toilets, handwashing stations, or resource centers. But our “outcomes” are better education for girls, higher graduation rates, lower drop-out rates, or higher matriculation, setting girls on a path for success in their lives.



From every perspective, we are dedicated to projects that serve communities in a sustainable and holistic manner. In fact we are dedicated to the system at work that brings about higher rates of education for girls and women. That means that the school building isn’t the only thing that we are working on.


Projects Impacting 22,500 People in Nepal and East Africa

Since our beginnings in 2010, we have completed 24 projects in Nepal and East Africa in collaboration with local communities and NGOs.