Travel for Impact Pack Your Bags to Give Back

It’s okay if service trips aren’t your thing. You can still travel and have a global impact at the same time by joining us for a Donor Trip through Edge of Seven. We routinely coordinate amazing trips to various destinations in the countries in which we work for individuals who pledge to raise or donate $1,500 or more to support our Community Catalyst Program.

Our Fall 2016 trip itinerary is below, but custom itineraries are being arranged! We are currently working on two trips to Nepal in October and November of 2017. Email us at today to get on our list to be notified when this information is available.


Edge of Seven is going back to Nepal. Will you come with us?

Eo7 is dedicated to our project work on the ground and the barriers that we break down for girls in their educational lives. This leads girls onto a path of greater attendance, matriculation, graduation and continued education. Whether girls continue their education, or stay near their families, whether they get jobs in the city or marry into a family in a rural location, we know that over time, getting an education is important…

It leads to:

  1. Girls have a higher chance of …
  2.  Girls are better protected from…
  3.  Communities where girls are getting an education are….

So we’re taking some of our best supporters to Nepal to see the work that we’re doing. In addition we’re learning about Nepal, the culture, international development work, and service. This multi-disciplinary trip is intended to make us all better donors and stewards of the work that we share with our partner communities on the ground.

We would love it if you would join us for these great dates –

  1. October 28 – November 12, 2017 or
  2. consider April 10-24, 2018

Some of the experiences we’ll have:

  • Trekking in the Solukhumbu (Everest) region of Nepal
  • Trekking through high mountain villages above 10,000’
  • Exploring and hiking through our Project areas below 6,000’
  • Visiting schools where we’re rebuilding classrooms
  • Home stays
  • Camping
  • Interacting with community collaborators and committees
  • Interacting with partner organizations
  • Views of the Himalaya including Everest, Numbar, Mera and other peaks
  • Work on a service project for ½ to 1 ½ days (depending on itinerary choice)
  • Mani rimdu celebration – full-moon Sherpa festival*
  • Overnight at a monastery*
  • Viewing a Buddhist prayer ceremony*
  • A climb of Pikey Peak (one of Hillary’s favorites)*

Some of the places we’ll visit:

  • Salleri
  • Phaplu
  • Nele Bazaar
  • Mukli
  • Deusa
  • Barkhu
  • Dipli
  • Kahstop
  • Taksindu
  • Chiwang Monastery
  • Mera village
  • Kathmandu
  • Paten
  • Thamel


Some of the things we may learn:

  • Systems thinking in international development
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Political systems and history in Nepal
  • Caste and religious systems
  • Geography and geology of Nepal
  • A deeper understanding of how rural Nepalis live their lives
  • The challenges confronting girls and getting an education

Fundamentally this donor trip is like nothing else you may find on your own.

  • This is not a trek.
  • This is not a trip.
  • This is not “course”
  • This is not just hiking around.
  • This isn’t about volunteering or voluntourism

What it is –

  • This is learning service (reference 1)
  • We hope to all become better global citizens
  • This is intended to demonstrate a connection between Eo7 principles, systems thinking and the organizational on-the-ground outcomes
  • This is a chance for a single group of donors to not only contribute individually, but as a group to make change.
    • (each participant has a minimum donation, and the group has a minimum donation, which will be directed by the group to the project of their choice)
  • This is a chance to be in a community and understand it better – to know what our effect is

What makes this unique is that while it looks like a trek it is a skillfully crafted balance of fun, adventure, learning, experience, reflection, and intention to give a wider picture on the relationships between donors, nonprofits and the communities that they serve. It is our hope that this experience creates genuine, impactful outcomes by following some simple rules –

  1.     engage when & where you can
  2.     enjoy every aspect of what you’re doing
  3.     challenge yourself
  4.     reflect
  5.     give

Itinerary: 2017 Edge of Seven Global Citizens in Nepal Programs

Sample Nepal Trips