Fundraise From the Comfort of Home

You can easily have a huge impact on girls, women, and rural communities across the globe without leaving your living room or hometown. Start an online fundraiser or host an event for Edge of Seven today!

Crowdfunding is an easy and engaging way to build support for your favorite causes, and many of our supporters and have raised thousands of dollars for our initiatives in Nepal, Kenya and beyond! Here’s how it works.

  1. Create a fundraiser online. You can do this easily on many sites, like Crowdrise, Rally, or IndieGogo. We suggest that you go to Global Giving (
    1. Scroll down and click on “Start a Fundraiser”, give it a name, click “general fundraiser” —
    2. on the next page, write “Edge of Seven” into the search box and click.
    3. Next page, see the Edge of Seven projects and click on the “add fundraiser” orange button on the right side of one of our projects.
    4. Click on the blue Continue on to “your fundraiser page” and you’re ready to edit your page and start sharing it out.
  2. Create a Colorado Gives fundraiser page: You can do this by going here — and then clicking the button on the right side called “Create a Fundraiser”
  3. Tell Your Story. Use photos and descriptive language. Tell people what you’re fundraising for and why you’re passionate about it.
  4. Ask for Donations. Send an email or letter with a link to your fundraiser to all of your friends, family members, and co-workers and ask them to donate. Get creative, and make it fun!
  5. Feel Great! You are doing something really important here – something that most people don’t do. You are going above and beyond to help girls and women in developing communities. You are amazing.

If crowdfunding not your thing, there are lots of fun and creative ways you can fundraise to support a project. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Host an event! Invite people over, reserve space at your local pub, or host a BBQ at a community park. Giving people a reason to get out and have some fun can help inspire them to give.
  2. Run a race. Climb a mountain. Do something adventurous. And get people to sponsor you. You can use either of the options above (Global Giving or Colorado Gives) as the giving platform so people can make donations to you!
  3. Sell your services. Do you have a talent or do you make products that people love to buy? Consider donating a percentage of your sales or proceeds to Edge of Seven to give your venture a social mission.
  4. Start a Student Chapter. Students everywhere can get involved by starting a student chapter at their school. Recruit members who are passionate about empowering girls and women and advocate on campus.
  5. Donate an In-Kind gift to Edge of Seven. Do you own a condo that you could donate (for a weekend) for one of our auctions? Are you a chef willing to donate a home-cooked meal or your services for a party? Do you have gift certificates that you would like to donate? How about unused airline miles? Or anything else that you’d like us to use to generate a donation for our organization. Contact us.
  6. Donate a Car: Your donation of any vehicle can be a huge support to our organization. We’ve set up a relationship with Cars For Charities. Head to this link to see our custom page where you can complete the transaction. It’s fast, easy and supports girls’ education:

Cars Helping Edge of Seven

Questions about how to get started? Send an email to