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Make an impact on the lives of girls, women, and rural communities across the globe with a financial contribution today. We process donations a variety of way for our various campaigns. For example Mar 7 to April 7 we’re celebrating our 7th anniversary by supporting our Edge-ucation Campaign through Crowdrise. We also have campaigns running on Global Giving (for Nepal, Kenya, and for Uganda).

You can also set up recurring donations and give directly to our organization through our general giving platform below. Sending in a check to Edge of Seven also keeps more of your money going to projects because it avoids credit card and processing fees. (Send it to Edge of Seven, 1031 33rd St, Suite 173, Denver, CO 80205).

Thank you in advance for your support of our mission.

Fundraise Left

Fundraise From the Comfort of Home

You can easily have a huge impact on girls, women, and rural communities across the globe without leaving your living room or hometown. Start an online fundraiser or host an event for Edge of Seven today!


Corporate Partners Business Doing Good

Our Corporate Partners program offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to join the global movement to educate and empower girls, women, and rural communities  in developing countries. Companies are unique contributors and can get involved with this work in a number of ways.


Community Partners left

Community Partners Committed Citizens Changing the World.

Community groups and local businesses can also make a huge impact in the lives of individuals in rural developing communities by supporting Edge of Seven. Our programs are designed to create impact on the ground for communities looking to break down barriers for girls and women to get a better education.


Travel for Impact Pack Your Bags to Give Back

It’s okay if service trips aren’t your thing. You can still travel and have a global impact at the same time by joining us for a Donor Trip through Edge of Seven. We routinely coordinate amazing trips to various destinations in the countries in which we work for individuals who pledge to raise or donate $1,500 or more to support our Community Catalyst Program.


In Kind Left

In-Kind Gifts Your Products & Services Making a Difference.

We are always accepting of in-kind donations, such as professional services, frequent flier miles, auction items, technology, and giveaways.


Work With Us Be Part of Our Team

There are many ways you can get involved with Edge of Seven here in the US. We are always looking for passionate people to join the family!



Events Great Events coming up in 2017

Upcoming Events

Our events are a great way to learn more about our work, have fun and support Edge of Seven. See the events coming up below