Edge-ucation Campaign 2017 Celebrating 7 years of Eo7 and 7 projects

Please support us by taking on a fundraising initiative to support our next projects in 2017

Edge of Seven has great plans as we celebrate our seven years of serving women and girls in the developing world. We have projects in Nepal, in Kenya and in Uganda this year. Will you help us by taking on a specific initiative? You can always join us as a Member of Eo7 if you can’t take on an initiative. But hang on, just read the easy options we have below.

To support girls and women projects in the developing world such as Classrooms in Nepal, Business Training in Kenya, School rainwater and garden projects in Kenya and Building for Women’s mushroom coops in Uganda, just find an option that works for you below. Just hit the contact button on any project and we’ll be in touch with an off-the-shelf project plan for you.

1. Movie Screening of “Educate a Girl.” Educate a Girl is a 1-hour documentary on the different educational challenges that girls face in Nepal. A movie screening night can include the movie, happy hour, discussion, and even include a talk from Edge of Seven Board Member or Executive Director. Host at your home or we can help you find a venue.

Educate a Girl

2. Trivia Night at a Colorado Front Range Bar. Edge of Seven has worked with a company called “Geeks Who Drink” and has been the nonprofit of the night at a pre-existing Trivia night at a bar. As the designated nonprofit, the effort is pretty simple. We show up to a bar where trivia teams already show up. They can play trivia for free OR they can chip in $25 as a team and they can win the cash prize that night. However $20 from each team goes to Eo7. The more teams and the more who play the more we gain for girls’ education. Your job? Get more people to come, and sell Eo7 to those who are there. We provide a raffle prize to increase the donations.

Bar Trivia

3. House Party for Edge of Seven – Wine/cheese, Beer and pretzels, Nepali Food. Ok, simple, yes. But we like to say tried and true. Invite your friends. Fest it up. Entree is a donation to Eo7 for night of fun, music, drinks and food. We can help you secure some alcohol donations if you don’t have any contacts. Bring in 20 friends for a party and enjoy the night. We can include staff from Edge of Seven (if you’re close) or at least video and printed material if you would like it. Or if you don’t like doing dishes you can host your house party at a bar or a restaurant, but the gist is the same. Get all your friends together for a party.

House Party

4. Kids Birthday – If you have kids and they’re interested in helping our and/or changing the world, a kids birthday party is a great way for them to contribute. For all their friends and family who show up to the event instead of presents, you can suggest a donation to Edge of Seven. Parent’s businesses often also may have a matching donation program where any donation made can be matched. We’re glad to send you and your child an Edge of Seven T-shirt for your efforts.


5. Crowdrise – Crowd funding through our 2017 Edge-ucation Campaign. We have a special campaign up and running on Crowdrise. You can join us and activate your network through personal appeal, video appeal, email, or social media to help girls get an education. This is often the easiest path to take since the platform is set up and many folks have already built up trust for online platforms.


6. Crowdsource: Choose your own Crowd Funding effort. There are a large number of other crowd funding efforts out there. You can set one up on your own and customize it to meet the needs of your friends, family and co-workers OR your own needs. If you need copy, images, video or other resources, just let us know. We’re here to help. You can also set up campaigns on Colorado Gives and Global Giving to contribute directly to us.


7. DIY – Do It Yourself – create an event such as a poker night for Eo7, a comedy night, a cocktail party, a dance, or a bake-sale. You’re creative and have lot’s of ideas. What great idea do you have?


With any of these efforts we suggest that you connect with us and we’ll get you a little handbook of “how to” — but if you also want to just wing it or DIY, go for it!