Team Collaborate

  • Stefanie Kremer, Intern (2017)

    Stefanie is joining Edge of Seven as an intern while pursuing her Masters degree in Social Work at the University of Denver. Having a passion for getting to know people and telling their stories, Stefanie studied Journalism and Sociology as an undergraduate student. After university, she moved to Germany for two years to work at an international conference center where her interest in international and public policy grew. In her free time working abroad, she WWOOFed on farms in different countries including New Zealand, Romania and Guatemala. Striving to provide everyone with access to health and wellness, Stefanie recently obtained a yoga teacher certificate with the goal of providing healthy practice to people who may not have enough access. She also managed a community garden of wonderful, hardworking Bhutanese refugees in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Stefanie is looking forward to her yearlong internship and academic courses. She hopes to take a step back to reflect and build on her humbling experience of working with different people and cultures around the world and begin to learn how to make a greater global impact through the combination of interning at Edge of Seven and her studies.

  • Cat Galley, Intern (2017)

    Cat is joining Edge of Seven as an intern for the fall of 2017. She is beginning a dual Masters
    degree in Social Work and International Studies at the University of Denver. Cat has studied
    abroad in Austria in 2015 and Germany in 2016. Through her travels abroad, Cat has developed
    a love and passion to learn more about the international community. She is passionate about
    working with refugees in war torn nations abroad, providing support and encouraging
    empowerment in different situations. She hopes to use her research skills and knowledge
    developed during her undergraduate degree and study abroad experiences to contribute to the
    work being done at the Edge of Seven.

  • Molly Kalat, Intern (2017)

    Molly is joining Edge of Seven as an intern for the summer of 2017. She is from Denver and attends Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. In the fall she will start her senior year as an Economics major, with Math and Public Health minors. Throughout her time at Tulane, her interest has been working in effective education policy, spending last summer conducting education research about Louisiana and New Orleans’ charter district. She spent her semester last fall studying in Prague, Czech Republic, which broadened her perspective and sparked her interest in working internationally.

    This summer, Molly turned to the field of international development to fulfill her passions for working in education and empowering women. She is looking forward to learning from the other team members at Edge of Seven and practicing how to create sustainable change globally.

  • Peter Mason, Executive Director

    Collaborate. “It’s the principle that guides us in how we work together every day.” Peter Mason has held a variety of senior leadership roles in organizations (mainly nonprofit) over the past 20 years. He worked for Outward Bound rising to VP of Business Development, VP of Marketing, Communications, Customer Service and Admissions. He’s worked at small organizations (such as the Association for Experiential Education), and medium-sized (Water For People). He’s worked in India, Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Bolivia and Chile. Throughout his career he finds himself answering these questions: How do we create community ownership? How do we leverage donor dollars to make them go farther? How we ensure that all these projects last far, far, far into the future? How do we tell this story so that we create impact on communities AND on the International Development space overall?

    Those questions are still top of mind and a driving force in the work that he does at Edge of Seven. To contact him about any of those questions or others, please email him at peter [at] edgeofseven [dot] org.

  • Michaela Nee, Intern (2016-2017)

    Michaela is currently working towards her bachelors degree in French and International Studies with a concentration in development and health at the University of Denver. She was an exchange student in India during 2013 and in Senegal during 2017, which sparked even more drive for travel, learning languages, and taking part in development efforts. Michaela is passionate about serving and supporting others in a way that encourages personal growth, confidence, and empowerment, and hopes to continue working for nonprofits concerned with international development and human rights in the future.

  • Board of Directors

    Our board of directors are seven volunteers who give continuously to our organization. Our board members are directors, VP’s, managers and leaders working in a variety of industries. They participate in fundraising, planning, strategy, direction-setting, and problem solving. To learn more about our board see this page — to read their profiles go here.

  • Emma Heffernan, Intern (2017)

    Emma is excited to join the Edge of Seven team as an intern for the summer of 2017. She is currently pursuing her Masters in International Administration at the Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver, and an interdisciplinary certificate in International Law and Human Rights in conjunction with Sturm College of Law. At DU, she is a research manager for the Korbel Asylum Project, producing country condition research for partnering attorneys for local asylum cases.

    Through her travels and work in both her home state of California as well as abroad, Emma has repeatedly witnessed the importance of education as a driver of change . She was thus naturally drawn to Edge of Seven for its commitment to women and education, and its seven guiding principles in approaching development work. This summer, she hopes to contribute her event planning experience and research on Nepal to Edge of Seven.

  • Katie Ebinger, Intern (2016-2017)

    My background is in clinical research as well as community mental health, working to empower individuals so they may find health, both physical and emotional, and fulfillment in their lives. Throughout that time I grew increasingly passionate about extending my efforts beyond the individual level to address social determinants of health and wellbeing and break the cycle of poverty and inequality. I aspire to work toward a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential, and I strongly believe that we will see that become our reality if we invest in education and girls across the globe. With that, as well as a personal passion for international travel and service work, it should come as no surprise that I was drawn to Edge of Seven’s mission.

    As I pursue my Masters in Social Work at the University of Denver, I hope to combine the knowledge gained through my coursework with the skills and experience of working in a nonprofit environment to help promote holistic, community-driven change and development.  I am excited to become involved in an organization whose work is driven by their values and those seven core principles, and I hope to contribute a unique perspective and skill set to the Edge of Seven team.

  • Olivia Ward, Intern (2016-2017)

    Olivia is one of Edge of Seven’s fall interns of 2016. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Social Work at the University of Denver, with a concentration in sustainable development and global practice. As a social work student she brings a unique perspective to the team and hopes to incorporate her love for international travel and Asia with her deep commitment to empowering young women through access to quality education. Having lived and worked for three years as a teacher at an all girls school in Thailand, she is incredibly passionate about social justice and creating equal educational opportunities for young women globally. Here in Denver she has been involved in implementing restorative justice programs in schools across the city, and this summer she will be working on creating educational opportunities for Burmese refugees in northern Thailand. Olivia has spent time in many countries in Asia, including Nepal, and is happy to have found an organization that allows her the opportunity to explore international development through a social work lens.