Outcomes & Impact From buildings, to girls' education and beyond

Since our founding in 2010, our Community Catalyst Program has directly touched the lives of more than 20,000 individuals in rural, marginalized communities in Nepal, Rwanda and Kenya. We separate out our “outputs” into the projects that were completed (i.e. a school building), our “outcomes” into how the projects can effect girls education (i.e. more girls going to school), and how those two things drive “impacts” (i.e. reductions in poverty, economic development, early childhood marriage, or increases in family income). We are constantly working to improve the clarification of how our outputs, outcomes and impacts are calculated and communicated. One tool we’re using is a logic model to demonstrate this at a high level.

Highlighted achievements  include:

  • In Nepal, completed 16 school buildings that have directly benefited over 2500 students to date, including the only higher secondary school in the Solukhumbu Region outside the district capital in Nepal.
  • Completed four girls’ dormitories in Nepal to house 60 girls who are the first in their families to attend the equivalent of 11th and 12th grades (“plus two”) and pursue a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Completed a computerclassroom for these girls and supported them through the initial aftermath of the 2015 earthquakes.
  • Completed two large-scale community water supplies in Nepal that reduce the amount of time women and girls spend collecting water by 85%, thereby increasing time spent in school.
  • Introduced sustainable, earthquake resistant earthbag building method to Nepal. Sent 143 individuals to Nepal and Kenya to help implement infrastructure projects.
  • In Kenya, completed two school water supplies in Kenya, thereby increasing irrigation to gardens for growing food to feed students, and completed a women’s resource center for a community organization.
  • In Rwanda supported building an office/training center/warehouse for a women’s coop in Nyamata to best support their efforts to build family income, increase girls’ education and escape poverty.
  • Sent 143 individuals to Nepal and Kenya to help implement infrastructure projects.




Currently we’re working on:

  • Developing curriculum and trainings for women in East Africa and Nepal
  • Developing plans for additional rainwater harvesting/school garden projects in Kenya
  • Building a warehouse/grow center for a women’s coop in Uganda
  • Working on seven more classrooms in the Solukhumbu, Nepal
  • Evaluating additional locations and partners around the world