Board of Directors at Eo7 Dedicated to supporting our successes

The board of directors at Edge of Seven is a growing, dynamic, professional and multi-skilled group. From financial professionals, to educational professionals, travelers, parents, and dedicated advocates for women and girls, this group epitomizes the ability to give time, treasure and talent to the organization.

As a part of our constant goal to “play on strengths” we are also looking at how we develop and grow the board, and ensure that we have a succession plan and adequate opportunities for each board member to engage in the organization.


We therefore have an ongoing request for our circle of Eo7 Ambassadors to nominate others (and themselves) to become the next generation of board members. We are looking for C-level professionals and dedicated advocates in international development, education, legal, marketing and other spaces who can meet the requirements of serving on our board.


Board Roster (PDF)

What is the difference in requirements for the advisory board and for the governance board?


To help you make the decision about our organization we are posting relevant materials that you may have questions about before you nominate someone or express your own interest in a board position.



The Edge of Seven advisory board is the perfect place for you to join in with the organization, get regular updates, play a role in helping the organization move its mission forward, fundraise, engage, and even travel with the organization. The advisory board meets regularly throughout the year, attends events, sits on committees, and generally advises the staff in pursuing excellence. This is a great place for volunteers interested in joining the Governance Board to learn about the organization, people, and what makes us different. You can see our current advisory board here.


Nominate or express interest in the BOD, Advisory Board or to Volunteer. You may also request additional information or a conversation with the Executive Director. Please contact Peter Mason (peter [at]