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Programs Focus on future generations. Building Capacity & Ownership.

At Edge of Seven, our work is carried out through our Community Catalyst Program. We focus on our Seven Principles while doing our work to build capacity, ownership and a focus on future generations.


Our Mission The Mission & Outcomes


Edge of Seven supports sustainable development initiatives that create access to education and economic opportunities for girls, women, and rural developing communities across the globe.


Outcomes & Impact From buildings, to girls' education and beyond

Since our founding in 2010, our Community Catalyst Program has directly touched the lives of more than 20,000 individuals in rural, marginalized communities in Nepal, Rwanda and Kenya. We separate out our “outputs” into the projects that were completed (i.e. a school building), our “outcomes” into how the projects can effect girls education (i.e. more girls going to school), and how those two things drive “impacts” (i.e. reductions in poverty, economic development, early childhood marriage, or increases in family income). We are constantly working to improve the clarification of how our outputs, outcomes and impacts are calculated and communicated. One tool we’re using is a logic model to demonstrate this at a high level.


Financials Our Yearly Impact

As a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we take great pride in our financial accountability and transparency. If you have any questions about our organization or our financial statements, please contact us.


Team Collaborate

  • Peter Mason, Executive Director

    Collaborate. "It's the principle that guides us in how we work together every day." Peter Mason has held a variety of senior leadership roles...

  • Board of Directors

    Our board of directors are seven volunteers who give continuously to our organization. Our board members are directors, VP's, managers and leaders working in...

FAQS Some things to think about

What does Edge of Seven mean?

Edge relates directly to both the populations we seek to support – girls, women – who often live on the marginalized peripheries or “edges” of  their societies. It also speaks to the geographies in which we choose to work. READ MORE

Board of Directors at Eo7 Dedicated to supporting our successes

The board of directors at Edge of Seven is a growing, dynamic, professional and multi-skilled group. From financial professionals, to educational professionals, travelers, parents, and dedicated advocates for women and girls, this group epitomizes the ability to give time, treasure and talent to the organization.