Rebuild Nepal: 7plus7 Help us rebuild Nepal starting with 7 TLC's PLUS 7 permanent schools

On May 12th 2015, Nepal was struck by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake, the epicenter of which was in the district adjacent to the Solukhumbu Region where Edge of Seven works. In this region alone, the earthquake destroyed up to 90% of the homes and 250 school buildings. This destruction is estimated to have destroyed 1074 classrooms in this region.

Edge of Seven is committing to building SEVEN temporary learning centers and SEVEN permanent school buildings in the Everest Region in 2016 to ensure that the cycle of education continues in these rural communities…


We’re excited to announce that work has begun in the Solukhumbu to rebuild the first three of the priority school buildings in Nepal (see the list of the seven below)! This exciting news comes to us despite the challenges of the unfortunate fuel blockade of Nepal along the Indian border. But despite that, our work with our partner The Small World is starting and we’ll have more updates as we move out of the winter in Nepal.

Further we have planned to begin work on projects #4, and #5 later this spring and initiate and finish all projects including #6 and #7 this fall after the monsoons have passed. Look for an exciting new announcement from Edge of Seven in March about “what’s next.”


With an overwhelming amount of work to do in reconstructing villages and rebuilding schools, children’s advocates fear that thousands of children will never return to school. In addition, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking during this time of devastation since the school system has been shattered.

Our local communities and partner, The Small World, have asked us to support the immediate rebuilding efforts by completing the Temporary Learning Centers (TLCs) to ensure that all children return to a safe learning environment as quickly as possible. By the close of 2016, these TLCs will be replaced with earthquake-resistant permanent school buildings that will serve as the replacement for the damaged or destroyed buildings.

In recent years, understanding the tenuous situation facing Nepal’s infrastructure, we began working with the earthquake-resistant earthbag building method in Nepal. We have currently completed six school and dormitory buildings using earthbag construction in the Solukhumbu District and all withstood both major earthquakes without damage. But whether the permanent construction is new technology (earthbags) or old (classic stone construction), both are built through improved methods that make them more earthquake resistant.

The seven schools in which we’re building TLCs and permanent buildings:

  1. Shree Mukli Lower Secondary School, Mukli VDC, Barkhu
  2. Ramailo Jyoti Primary School, Salleri VDC, Salleri
  3. Shree Kalika Primary School, Deusa VDC
  4. Padmakanya Lower Secondary School, Basa VDC
  5. Pawe Lower Secondary School, Salleri VDC
  6. Tingla Lower Secondary School, Tingla VDC
  7. Dudkosika Lower Seconday School, Deusa VDC

Edge of Seven, a U.S. based nonprofit, is committing to supporting the building of SEVEN Temporary Learning Centers and SEVEN permanent school buildings to empower approximately 2,100 students to create the life they want to live. We have never been more ready to answer this call. Please join us.

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Donate to help these communities build TLC’s and permanent buildings

Images from the beginning of the TLC project. 
(These temporary learning centers are crucial to
keeping the
education system functioning in the short
term while we build permanent structures.)




1 Constructiong temporary School shelter

 Donate to help these communities build TLC’s and permanent buildings